What Our Client Say About Us

Well, I tried these since the drugstore home testing packages. that I first used. I tested positive on CBD products got clean or tested negative then tried “THC Free” CBD’s and tested positive again. I used these low cost strips and a drugstore kit both tested positive and then negative after 12 days with both types of testing. CAUTION if you use CBD anything and are positive DOT or other Federally managed anything you’re going to be in hot water! Test! Test!

John Doe

Very easy to figure use and helped me figure out MG for edibles!
Really easy to use and very accurate!!! Kinda pricey and I wish there was more then 3 tests but all in all love it!


I love test kit! I bought one off of the original website and it’s exactly the same .I got it cheaper as well


Liked it very much !! Did exactly what they said it would!! Would buy another.


I tested several strains and compared the results to professional tests of the exact same plants (not just the strains), and every one was pretty spot on.