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cheap shatter gold carts appears as honey due to its colour and texture.They are very pure in content and are pesticide free.

If you haven’t heard about the shatter carts hype surrounding THC and CBD vape pens or cartridges, then this summary is perfect to bring you up to speed! The vape business is huge out on the West Coast, and it’s rapidly expanding. Many different companies including Brass Knuckles Cartridges, Stiiizy Pods, Select Vape Pen, are tapping into the demand.

shatter gold carts-Cali Gold falls more heavily on the indica side, with a split of about 80/20. This means that it has some pretty potent Indica effects, which most likely come from its Jah OG Kush parent. OG Kush is one of the most common strains to choose to breed with another strain to make a dank strain thanks to its very high THC percentage, as well as its world-famous flavors. This is also what gives Cali Gold its Indica-dominance, as most OG Kush phenotypes from the Netherlands are Indica-dominant.

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The shatter gold carts have a very high THC level buy at the same time, it is very good for all those suffering from cancer or depression so in effect this acts as a relaxing treatment, makes you feel more warmer inside


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