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Dime Industries vape cartridges have excellent THC content and the high is very strong on the sativa. The distillate within my Dime cartridge was tested at a very nice 85.68% THC.The high is very uplifting, like a Sativa should be, and it lasts for a good 3 hours. Dime Carts for sale online

Dime carts online-Dime Dab Tanks are a cut above the rest.Our THC concentrate is mixed with natural derived terpene blends formulated from cannabis strains. Our brand’s unique tanks and batteries were specifically engineered around our quality cocentrate.

It’s a good product that needs to improve upon its cartridge so that it can vape its co2 oil efficiently. In conclusion, the dime cartridge review revealed a prefilled cartridge with some strong and clean c02 oil. Hits were strong.I recommend trying this vape cart out so you can feel the strengnth,

Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide or butane for live resin, we extract a fine quality oil and refine it using only heat and pressure.

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The dime cartridge generates a reasonable enough sized cloud with its 4.0 Volt coil. “dime carts stays true to their brand name with an extremely potent and tasty distillate cannabis oil.” Its long life makes it good for so many distinct kinds of consumers.


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