Baroness Edibles – How To Tame A Unicorn THC (500mg)


For those looking to experience the magical art of unicorn taming, this 500mg unicorn gummy recreates that exact feeling! With your choice of two mystical fruit flavours, these gummies are designed for the truly brave and most experienced consumer. While the gummy appears cute and harmless, do not be fooled by it’s friendly appearance as it contains enough horsepower to out-power a horse! Not recommended for beginners, and intermediate consumers should approach with caution! Start with a small bite and wait 45-90 minutes before deciding to re-dose.

THC Content: 500mg
1 piece per pack



Stress Relief : 85%

Pain Relief : 75%

Sleep Aid : 80%

Mood Elevation : 55%

Appetite Promotion : 35%


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