Fighting Online Vape Cart Scams and Other Online Scams

Prime Thc Store was created as an online vape cart store with the purpose to discretely and safely attend to your needs of getting high from the comfort of your home. Our second and very important mission is cataloguing the latest websites build by scammers to sale vape carts online. We do aim to cause as much disruption as possible to their activities. Such activities include not getting the product you paid for, getting low quality products, pay delivery fees and not getting any vape carts.

We noticed that online vape cart scammers can spend considerable money, time and effort to create and publicize websites. We also found out that many vape cartridge consumers do not know how and who to report or complain to in order to shot them down. It is in this light Prime THC Store only deals only with paid for domains like .com, .net etc. For this reason, we do not deal with facebook pages as there are already well documented methods to shot down these page. You can Contact Us in order to help shot down a facebook page

If you are a victim to any sort of vape cart scams online, please kindly provide us with the following information

1-Website or domain URL

2-Email address used

3-phone Number used

4- A short note on the process

5-Account into which payment was made

NOTE: We shall verify and publish a list of vape cart online scams sites in the days ahead. the information you provide will greatly help us verify and disrupt their activities while we follow up to see that such scam sites are shot down. Your privacy is our priority as we make sure you stay anonymous

Where to buy vape carts online without being scammed

Prime THC Store is the number one online platform to buy vape carts online without being ripped off your hard earned money. It is easy to buy vape carts for sale, vape pens and vape catridges online.

How to buy vape carts online without being scammed

1-Click on Buy vape carts online

2-select from the list of available vape carts for sale

3-Click add to cart the items you want to shop

4- On the top right hand corner, you view your card with the notification on it

5-After selecting your preferred shipping option, click proceed to checkout

6-Fill in your full delivery address, select your preferred method of payment and hit place order

7-An agent will be assigned to you who will provide you with details for payment.

This applies to every other product on Prime THC store.

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